SOUTH MOON passed the inspection of the Ministry of Tourism and the CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports) in Egypt, and we are allowed to work during the pandemic. All our crew members, dive guides and other personnel are fully vaccinated, we follow strict guidelines regarding disinfection and hygiene and encourage our clients to comply with the general and local recommendations during the pandemic. If you want to book a trip on South Moon you are most welcome to ask us for our special “Covid-19” liability releases, so that you know, what you will have to sign upon arrival.


You can book or request a reservation directly from our schedule here below. However, if you prefer to send us an inquiry about any availability or reservation by text, you are most welcome to write us a short email to or send a quick note via our Contact page: Doro from our office will be most happy to get in touch with you quickly!

1 – As of June 2022 Egypt waived their Covid-19 restrictions Proof of vaccination or PCR certifications are currently NOT required  upon entering Egypt.
2 – Please note that if you have to write YES on the medical self-declaration about having had a Corona infection in the past, you need to bring a medical certificate declaring you “Fit to Dive”.